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Explore work experience that challenges and inspires you. Co-op opens doors for you to join a wide range of organizations before graduation.

Coop Program at UBC's Okanagan Campus

What Students Need to Know

Initiative, confidence, resilience and creativity—these are the traits employers are looking for in today’s rapidly changing world. Learning through experiences like Co-op provides you the chance to enrich your education and extend your classroom learning through to the workplace and beyond.

Co-op students benefit from diverse opportunities at many different employers from a broad range of sectors, from public institutions, non-profit agencies and large corporations, to entrepreneurial start-ups and NGOs.

The intake for 2017-18 Co-op applications is now closed. Find out the application criteria.

Apply your classroom learning to work experiences throughout the region and beyond, helping you to gain beneficial skills, explore options and build a professional network.

Co-op students learn critical career development skills such as resumé and cover letter development, job searching strategies, interviewing knowledge, and networking skills. Co-op is a paid opportunity for students to gain professional, real-world experience relevant to their future career goals.

For community partners interested in hiring, Co-op provides skilled, driven employees who can add value to your organization.

You must be a third-year student enrolled in full-time studies with a cumulative academic average of 70 per cent in order to qualify. Due to demand from both employers and students, the program has expanded to include a broad range of students and disciplines across UBC's Okanagan campus:

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics
  • Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Media Studies
  • Bachelor of Science

If you have questions about your eligibility, contact the Co-op Office.

Students studying engineering need to connect with the UBC Engineering Co-op for details and applications:

Co-op students are provided pre-employment training to make sure they are ready for the recruitment process, receiving one-on-one resumé and cover letter review services, job search strategies, interview preparation, career advice and personalized support to help secure work-term employment.

Co-op students have exclusive access to an online database of available positions. Selected candidates are then interviewed by potential employers. Students can also secure employment on their own through contacts in industry or school. The Co-op Office actively communicates with students throughout the work term, ensuring they stay connected to UBC and benefit from new opportunities, applied learning and reflective growth.

Students must apply for Co-op Education. Program applications are accepted each year between August and October. Stay tuned for specific deadlines for the next academic year intake.

A one-time fee of $242.25* for Pre-Employment Training is required upon acceptance into the program. As each Co-op work term is an approved UBC course, the associated course fees of $745.00* are due each work term of four months.

*As of May 1, 2018, the Pre-Employment Training fee will be $247.00 and the associated course fee will be $759.75. Please refer to the UBC Academic Calendar.

Student applications are submitted online. The deadline for applications for the 2017/18 intake is now closed. Stay tuned for details on the 2018/19 intake.


Coop Program at UBC's Okanagan Campus



Students’ frequently asked questions about Co-op

Co-op is an opportunity to learn through work experience. The Canadian Association For Co-operative Education defines Co-opertive Education as "a program which alternates periods of academic study with periods of work experience in appropriate fields." Visit the CFACE websitelinks to external site to learn more about the criteria.

In order to receive the Co-op designation, three work terms must be completed. Any terms completed will appear on your transcript.

Work terms are typically four months long. Some community partners seek Co-op students for longer periods of time, such as eight or twelve months.

You must be a third-year student enrolled in full-time studies with a cumulative academic average of 70 per cent in order to qualify. Most programs at UBC's Okanagan campus are eligible for Co-op. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact the Co-op Office.

Participating in Co-op will add one year to the length of your undergraduate studies.

Co-op students have exclusive access to an online database of posted positions available. Selected student candidates are then interviewed by potential employers. Students can also secure employment positions on their own through contacts in industry or academia.

Yes. The job must be approved by the Co-op Coordinator to ensure it satisfies the basic Co-op requirements, which include the ability to provide meaningful learning opportunities and paid, full-time work.

Yes, Co-op work experience can be anywhere in the world! International work experiences are predominantly sourced by students. If a student is hired in an international position that satisfies basic program requirements, then the Co-op Office will assist in applying for visas and obtaining the required work permits.

Yes. Work terms are paid. Depending on the employer, students will receive a salary competitive with market rates for the type of position.

Pay varies between disciplines, but should represent a comparable rate for the type of position filled.

Hundreds of different employers have hired UBC Co-op students. Students have worked in a range of jobs in the public, private and non-profit sectors, from small to large organizations, and from a wide variety of industries. Employers include:

  • Digital media companies
  • Health care agencies
  • Energy and mining companies
  • Agriculture and forestry companies
  • Accounting firms
  • Federal government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Art, design and entertainment companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Law offices
  • Sport, recreation and wellness companies
  • Marketing agencies
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Leisure companies
  • And many more!

Usually by the end of September at the start of your third year.

The Co-op Office sees a significant number of applications every year, therefore it is considered a boutique program with competitive admission process.

The Co-op Office works to ensure both students and employers have positive youth employment experiences. Student applications are assessed based on the eligibility criteria and demonstrate positive employability traits. These traits include (but are not limited to): maturity, career motivation, good communication skills, and organization.

Students in the Co-op program can apply to any of the positions posted, and like the real world, the recruitment process is competitive in nature.

Yes, international students can participate in the Co-op program. The fees and application process are the same for international students. The Co-op Office assists international students in applying for a Co-op work permit at the start of a student’s job search process.

Yes. Students can participate in both programs.

Applicants must apply online, where they can also submit the required documents. To get started, follow this link for the application and checklist.

The Co-op Office provides students with year-round support, including one-on-one professional resume and cover letter review, personal consultations in interview preparation (including mock interviews and assessments), as well as personalized target marketing to help find placements in a chosen sector.

There are 2 types of fees:

  • Students accepted into the program pay a one-time entrance fee of $242.25, and this covers required pre-employment training.
  • As Co-op is a recognized course, each four-month work term includes undergraduate course tuition fees of approximately $745.00 (subject to change).

NOTE: As of May 1, 2018, the Pre-Employment Training fee will be $247.00 and the associated course fee will be $759.75

Many students often find the Co-op program provides good return on investment. Professional resume services typically cost $100 to $200 for reviews, and career counsellors can charge $125 per hour for interview preparation. Students also find the Co-op work term can financially support their education.

All students accepted into the program are required to participate in pre-employment training sessions prior to starting their first work terms. Student performance in the training program is evaluated on attendance, participation, and the successful completion of all assignments, tasks and exercises.

Pre-employment training will provide you a wealth of important inter-personal skills that will be useful for successful Co-op work terms, as well as the rest of your career. Co-op Office staff and guest speakers will present on topics including:

  • Resume and cover letter writing skills
  • Interview preparation
  • Job search strategies
  • Networking and professional relationship development
  • Career management and career research strategies
  • Professionalism and communication in the workplace
  • Labour market information
  • Work-term expectations and requirements

Those students accepted into the Co-op Program will be provided pre-employment training schedules.


Contact Us

The Co-op Office is here to help! We are located at EME 4145 – 1137 Alumni Ave. (on the fourth floor of Engineering, Management and Education Building, Tower 1, at UBC’s Okanagan campus).

Call 250-807-9623 or send us a message.

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