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We know you wouldn’t just hire anyone. UBC Okanagan Co-op connects employers with skilled and driven students as an affordable solution for your organization.

UBC Okanagan Coop Program - Employer Partners

What Co-op Employers Need to Know

Enrich your organization with energetic and youthful employees who bring new ideas and innovation.

UBC Co-op connects employers with skilled and driven students who can bring value to your organization. The program offers you cost-effective recruitment of short-term employees, helping you meet future human resource needs quickly and effectively with pre-screened students. Contact the Co-op Office at 250-807-9623 or send us a message.

Employers partnering with UBC Okanagan Co-op access top talent to fill short-term requirements while meeting future recruitment needs. The program is flexible to organizational needs, with multiple start dates in January, May and September. Work terms can be four, eight or twelve months in length. Job postings are accepted year-round.

The program also features a diverse talent pool, with applicants concentrating their studies in a variety of areas: arts, fine arts, human kinetics, management, media studies and sciences. Search for all the UBC Okanagan program offerings here. (For those seeking engineering students, please connect with the UBC Engineering Co-op for details and applications.)

Our partners report the best feature of Co-op is the quality of applicants. UBC Okanagan Co-op pre-screens applicants and provides them training to prepare students for employment – simplifying the process for you. Our Co-op Coordinator is happy to post your job for you.

To qualify as Co-op, the position must provide the following. We are happy to work with you directly to help assess a particular opportunity.

  • The Co-op supervisor helps provide regular support, and constructive feedback helping them grow professionally, and helping to ensure input to the organization is successful.
Relevance to student’s academic program
  • The nature of the work should be aligned with the student’s academic pursuits and/or provide an opportunity to further develop professional skills and experience that will advance career development.
  • Co-op work terms must be paid, and should be comparable to industry norms.
The right length
  • A minimum of 420 employment hours within four months
Adheres to employment standards
  • Co-op students are hired as employees of your organization. All employers operating within BC must adhere to the BC Employment Standards Act. UBC Okanagan Co-op reserves the right to deny participation to any employer contravening this Act. Employers located outside BC must adhere to their regional and federal employment laws.

1. Post your job: Simply email your job description to the Co-op Office, and we’ll do the posting in the UBC job board for all eligible Co-op students. Also, find out if you are eligible for hiring incentives or grants.

2. Review applications: Once the posting closes, we will send you all the applications. Reviewed the package and then contact the Co-op Office with:

  • Names of shortlisted candidates
  • Preferred interview dates and times
  • Interview location
  • Interviewer(s) name

We will schedule your shortlisted students for interviews and confirm by email. On campus interview space is available if needed.

3. Hire a student: Once interviewing is complete, notify the Co-op Office which applicant you would like to hire. We will inform the applicants of your decision.

Co-op students work year-round. The UBC academic year provides the flexibility for you to hire for 4, 8 or 12 months at a time.

Post job during To hire for
January - April May
May - August September
September - December January

SIDIT – UBC Okanagan Co-op Grant Program

The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT) is pleased to offer a grant to support the newly expanded Co-op Education program at UBC’s Okanagan campus, which meaningfully partners with industry to promote innovation, job creation and talent retention in the region.

The SIDIT-UBC Okanagan Co-op Grant provides incentives to qualifying employers to subsidize the cost of hiring, training and integrating UBC Okanagan Co-op students into relevant Co-op positions. Small to medium-sized enterprises throughout the SIDIT region are eligible to apply for these grants, which will help potential employers gain access to energetic and innovative student talent.

Getting started:

International Student Co-op Hiring Grant

In support of intercultural learning and development for our students and community, UBC’s Okanagan campus is pleased to offer a grant program to support Co-op employers seeking to grow in diversity who value the intercultural development of their organization, and who, in turn, will support international students in gaining meaningful employment in a Canadian context related to their field of study. The International Student Co-op Hiring Grant provides incentives to qualifying employers to subsidize the cost of hiring, training and integrating UBC Okanagan international Co-op students into relevant Co-op positions.

Getting started:

Other Funding Resources for Co-op Employers

You may be eligible for other funding resources, check here for more information:


UBC Okanagan Coop Program - Partners



Employers’ frequently asked questions about Co-op.

Yes! Students have a diverse set of skills to assist your organization, and can support a variety of projects. All Co-op students receive pre-employment training, to enhance their preparation for the work environment.

The UBC Okanagan Co-op Office provides a personal and customized service for community partners and employers who need to simplify the recruitment process for top talent. Simply send us your company profile, job description, an outline of required skills and details about the position, and we will post the opportunity to our job board exclusive for Co-op students. We provide you the applications, organize the interview and will even arrange space for you on campus to meet with students if you desire. Once you select the candidate(s), we will take care of notifying all the applicants – so you are able to concentrate on on-boarding your new hire.

The Co-op program includes a broad range of students across UBC's Okanagan campus. This means students from health, arts, sciences and management are eligible to apply for positions.

Pay varies between disciplines, but should represent a comparable rate for the type of position filled.

If you are new to the program, we encourage you to contact the Co-op Office about potential incentives available. There are criteria in place for eligibility, and program representatives would be happy to discuss this with you.

You are welcome to use the Co-op Office services for term positions as little or often as you like.

Yes! The Co-op Office encourages employers to use the program for longer-term recruitment purposes.

Yes. The job will need to be approved by the Co-op Coordinator and must satisfy the basic requirements, which includes the ability to provide meaningful learning opportunities and whether the position is paid, full-time work.

Much like regular recruitment methods, Co-op is a competitive program; this means employers are able to select the best applicants for their positions, and successful students can choose the position best suited for them.

Within the UBC Okanagan Co-op Program, students are required to provide immediate replies to a co-op job offer. Some Co-op programs require employers to wait until students have interviewed with multiple employers, allowing the student to rank their options.

Co-op supports development and diversification of the regional economy and an eco-system of innovation. Youth employment helps support economic diversification for the region, bringing new capabilities, ideas and energy to the work force.

Yes, international students can participate. The Co-op Office assists international students in applying for a work permit at the start of a student's job search process. International students are not eligible to apply for federal government postings or positions that require government funding.

Students are available to begin work terms starting in January, May and September each year. Employers can begin recruiting at any time, and are encouraged to begin the process early to access the larger pool of student candidates available.

To begin the hiring process, contact 250-807-9623 or send us a message.


Contact Us

The Co-op Office is here to help! We are located at EME 4145 – 1137 Alumni Ave. (on the fourth floor of Engineering, Management and Education Building, Tower 1, at UBC’s Okanagan campus).

Call 250-807-9623 or send us a message.

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