Recruit with confidence and connect with skilled and driven students to support your organization’s hiring needs.

Recruiting new talent through the Interdisciplinary Co-op Education Program at UBC Okanagan provides access to attentive, hardworking and innovative individuals.

Through Co-op Education, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and learn through applied experience while deepening their capabilities, creating new relationships, and strengthening their resiliency and confidence.

If you’re interested in hiring through Co-op, this page will provide key details and frequently asked questions to support you, the community partner employers, and your recruitment goals. 

Why hire a co-op student?

Introduce a new perspective to your workforce. UBC Okanagan’s hard-working and innovative co-op students are eager to learn and support.

Post to the job board

Connect with an interdisciplinary network of students and researchers, gain fresh perspectives and expertise for your organization.

Hiring a student

Recruiting talent from the interdisciplinary co-op program provides access to attentive, hardworking and innovative individuals.

Grants and funding opportunities

Interested in hiring a co-op student? You may be eligible for funding resources that help cover the cost.

Frequently asked questions

Find detailed information from some of our most frequently asked questions to support your decision to hiring from the co-op program.

I noticed that Co-op students consider the job as a learning opportunity, not just regular work; that allows them to stay both efficient and creative.”

–Nazim Ragimov, CEO, Saturn Animation Studios