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Interdisciplinary Co-op Education Student of the Year Award

Fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in International Relations, Leah Plomp, becomes the 2023 UBCO Co-op Student of the Year. Learn more.

Leah Plomp

One Award of $1000 is offered to an outstanding co-op student in the Interdisciplinary Co-op Education Program, in recognition of outstanding achievement in all aspects of their performance, including academic standing, workplace performance, and professional/community involvement. This award is available to students based at UBC’s Okanagan campus. The award is made on the recommendation of the Award Adjudication Committee comprising of program leadership, coordinators, and support staff.

The award nomination process typically takes place in November each year and information will be circulated to all eligible Interdisciplinary Co-op students.

The selected recipient will also have the chance to be considered for the UBC student representative for possibly either the provincial ACE-WIL Student of the Year Award or the national CEWIL Student of the Year Award.

Tips for a successful term

Want to make sure you get the most out of your job placement? Here are some helpful tips that will ensure you and your employer are able to have a rewarding co-op experience.

Set learning goals

Essential practices for continuous personal growth and development include goal setting and self-reflection.


Respond to all messages from the Co-op office and learn your workplace’s expectations.

Build connections

Your co-workers can be a source of help, support and learning for you as you navigate your new workplace.

Ask for help

Asking for help is a skill: you should know when to ask, how to ask, and what to ask about.

Wrap up your term

Make a reference list of duties and a checklist to make sure you don’t leave any tasks or projects unfinished.

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Tips for a successful and rewarding co-op work term

Work term requirements

During each Co-op work term, students are expected to complete all assignments and engage in various activities. The purpose of the course curriculum, assignments, and activities is to facilitate and integrate the learning that takes place during the co-op work term, fostering professional skill development.

Here is an overview of the Co-op work term assignments:

Establish learning goals

At the start of each term, you will create goals in collaboration with your workplace supervisor that will serve as a guiding force for your learning and reflection.

Select a professional development area

Choose an area of skill development that you will focus on such as communication, maintaining health and wellness, networking or navigating complex situations. This selection will guide the composition of two short reflective journal entries.

Mid-point meeting

Engage in a mid-point meeting with both a co-op Advisor and your workplace supervisor to receive valuable feedback on your progress.

Evaluation submissions

Complete two evaluations, the Student Evaluation and the Employer Evaluation, due at the end of each work term. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to assess your satisfaction with your co-op position, while also enabling your employer to evaluate your performance.

Final project

Conclude each work term by submitting a Final Project that lets you reflect on your role and showcase your progress. You will select from options that were created to reflect a variety of learning styles.

While searching for jobs and during your work experience, ensure you are aware and complying with Co-op’s Terms and Conditions.


Access your central hub of resources or contact a program coordinator to guide you through your co-op journey—from career readiness training to transitioning between work and study terms.