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Student supports

Co-op work permits

Learn how international students apply for and obtain the necessary work permit so that they can participate in Canadian-based co-op work experiences.

Working internationally

International co-op work terms allow you to expand your horizons and industry networks as you immerse yourself in a new culture and new experiences.

Training Modules

Not sure how to get started? Want some guidance or advice as your start applying for jobs and scheduling interviews? We’ve collected select resources designed to set you up for success.

Applying to jobs

Access online modules that can help you pursue and attain a co-op work experience.

Developing your resume and cover letter

Create high-quality job applications, including resumés and cover letters.

Strategizing your job search

Get tips and advice for successfully developing an effective co-op job strategy.

Preparing for interviews

Preparing for an interview is similar to final exams—study, practice and have a plan.

Accepting a job offer

Fill out the required form to be registered for the applicable co-op work term course.

Preparing for your co-op work term

Now that you’ve accepted an offer, you can take the first steps to ensure you’ll excel.

Setting goals

Establish the outcomes you want to see from your work experience and how you will achieve them.

Building connections

Get to know the value and impact of a strong network and how to build and expand your own.

Work term responsibilities

Understand what your roles and responsibilities will be over the course of your co-op work term.

Workplace wellbeing and behaviour

Learn about appropriate etiquette for your co-op work term as well as how to maintain your wellbeing.

While searching for jobs and during your work experience, ensure you are aware and complying with all Co-op Program – Terms and Conditions.