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writing an inclusive job description

Writing a barrier-free job description includes a number of factors in order to speak to a broad audience and to receive the most qualified applicants for the role. We’ve brought together some tips for making your opportunity stand apart.

Tips for writing inclusive job descriptions

  1. Reduce the wish list and feature essential skills
  2. Highlight your organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  3. Simplify or remove unnecessary industry-specific jargon where possible
  4. Use impartial, inclusive and gender-neutral language
  5. Consider emphasizing job-specific achievements

For more about these inclusive job description tips, a job description template, and steps for adding your job to the co-op job board please visit the Co-op Hiring Guide.

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Positions Eligible for co-op

For a position to qualify as a co-op work term experience, the role must provide:

An identified workplace supervisor to the co-op student employee providing regular support, constructive feedback and reflection helping the student grow personally and professionally while engaging and effectively contributing within the workplace/role.

The nature of the co-op work term experience should be aligned with the student’s academic pursuits and/or provide an opportunity to further develop capabilities and experience that will advance the student’s personal and career development.

Co-op work terms should provide a challenging, relevant and instructive experience.

The assessment of students’ performance during a UBC co-op work term is based on evaluation from the workplace supervisor and on reflection assignments submitted by the student.

Additionally, the Co-op Coordinators maintain contact with the student and employer to monitor progress on an on-going basis.

Co-op work term experiences must be paid employment opportunities, and at an appropriate salary for the industry and level of responsibility.

Co-op work term experiences must be a minimum of 420 hours and 12 weeks in length.

Positions typically start in January, May and September of each year.

Co-op students are hired as employees of your organization, and are not permitted to be hired as independent contractors.

All co-op employers must adhere to applicable employment standards, as such BC organizations must adhere to the BC Employment Standards Act.

The UBC Okanagan Interdisciplinary Co-op Education Program reserves the right to deny participation to any employer contravening such law.

Employers located outside BC must adhere to their regional and federal employment laws.

Work terms and deadlines

The UBC academic cycle provides the flexibility for you to hire for 4, 8 or 12 months at a time. Co-op students engage in work experiences year-round and are available to begin these work experiences starting in January, May and September each year.

Employers can begin recruiting at any time. We encourage beginning the process as early in the term as possible to access a larger pool of available student candidates.

We recommend the following timing to recruit based on the starting date as follows:

To hire for Post job during
May January – April
September May – August
January September – December

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