The UBC Wine Sector Co-op is open to all UBC undergraduate students currently eligible for existing UBC Co-op Education Programs. Students from both Okanagan and Vancouver campuses are welcome to apply to this program.  

To join the Wine Sector Co-op Specialization, you must first be admitted to your home faculty’s Co-op Education Program. Program admission requirements vary, but typically include second or third-year standing, and enrollment in full-time undergraduate studies with a minimum cumulative academic average of 70 per cent.

The UBC Wine Sector Co-op Specialization program includes: 

  • An online course, Introduction to the BC Wine Sector, led by the UBC Wine Research Centre 
  • A minimum of 8 months of co-op work experience within the wine sector, divided into two 4-month terms taken separately or concurrently  
  • Study with an experienced tutor during each co-op work term, to reflect on your learning and the ways you are applying your knowledge to the work environment  
  • A final reflective assignment at the end of each four-month term 

You will be assisted throughout the program, with access to wine sector co-op postings, job search support and coordinator check-ins, assistance in arranging interviews, and on-going support throughout your co-op work terms.  

You will maintain a link to your home Faculty Co-op Program throughout your Wine Sector Co-op Specialization, and receive recognition of your Co-op Designation on your UBC transcript upon completion of your Faculty’s Co-op requirements. You must complete all your co-op work experiences before your final academic term.  

Introduction to the BC Wine Sector is an online non-credit credentialed course, led from the UBC Wine Research Centre, that provides you with a comprehensive introduction to the BC Wine Sector. It is a prerequisite for a Wine Sector Co-op work term. To enroll in the course, you must be of legal drinking age (19+) in BC, and a current UBC undergraduate co-op student with a minimum second-year standing.  

Introduction to the BC Wine Sector is delivered over roughly 15 hours of online instruction through Winter Term 2, and includes an in-person 3.5 hour field visit to an Okanagan winery. You should expect to do about 45 hours of individual study throughout the term.  

The course is divided into five modules covering the global wine market, the BC wine sector, the fundamentals of wine tasting, the principles of viticulture and wine fermentation, and the key challenges of the wine sector.  

This is a Pass/Fail course. Students are required to successfully participate in all modules, the field visit, and assigned learning. Final assessment is based on your performance in completing all assigned tasks.   

Upon successful completion, you will receive a UBC non-credit Letter of Proficiency. 

The 2023 course fee – $260.60 plus GST covers the course delivery and the field trip, including transit from and back to UBC’s Okanagan campus. Vancouver-based students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to the Okanagan to participate in the field trip.

Note: The course is open to all UBC co-op students, with priority given to those accepted into the Wine Sector Co-op Specialization.

Work experiences vary across all relevant areas of viticulture, enology, commercialization, consumption, and wine tourism. These include: grape growing and harvesting, winemaking and bottling, winery operations and logistics, waste management, wholesaling and retailing, tasting room, and hospitality—and others. Wine sector co-op experiences are not guaranteed, and must be pre-approved by the UBC Okanagan Interdisciplinary Co-op office. 

You begin each work experience term by developing your learning objectives and meeting with your assigned tutor. Over the next four months, you and your tutor connect at least two more times to reflect on your learning, evaluate your performance, and formulate steps for further success. At the end of each term, you take part in a job performance review and submit a final reflective report.  

Please note:  

  • You must complete the Introduction to the BC Wine Sector letter of proficiency course prior to beginning your first wine sector co-op work experience.  
  • When planning your second Wine Sector Co-op work experience, you will be responsible for accommodating your remaining UBC undergraduate courses, your home Faculty’s Co-op requirements, and your personal obligations. Wine Sector Co-op is available to help you navigate and connect to the academic and program advisors when needed.
  • Wine Sector Co-op positions are not guaranteed, and must be pre-approved. 

Expressions of Interest & Information Session

Once admitted to your home Faculty’s co-op program, you are required to submit an Expression of Interest to apply to participate in the Introduction to the BC Wine Sector course, and to join the Wine Co-op Specialization. The second Wine Co-op Specialization cohort will include max 25 students; selection is highly competitive.

Please note that co-op students wishing to enroll exclusively in the Introduction to the BC Wine Sector course are also required to submit an Expression of Interest.

The Expression of Interest submission deadline has been extended until December 8, 2022. Those that complete the Expression of Interest will receive follow up communication overviewing the requirements, and next steps, and be invited to an online welcome session outlining the Wine Sector Co-op Program being organized for early January 2023.

On the Expression of Interest, we encourage you to share your personal interests, academic goals, and the experiences that you consider relevant to this course/program.

Start my expression of interest CONTACT THE CO-OP PROGRAM OFFICE

Important dates and timeline

2022-23 Winter Term 1 2022-23 Winter Term 2  2023 Summer 
Nov 30, 2022: Deadline for submitting your Expression of Interest for the Introduction to the BC Wine Sector course and Wine Sector Co-op Specialization.  Introduction to the BC Wine Sector course begins. 
Begin your job search for your wine sector co-op work experience.
Take part in your first wine sector co-op work term including support and guidance from the assigned academic tutor.

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