Hiring a Student

Recruiting talent from the interdisciplinary co-op program provides access to attentive, hardworking and innovative individuals.

A student sitting in a classroom.

Need to post a position?

Get your opportunity up and ready to receive applications, find job posting templates and guidelines for eligible positions.


How to recruit a student

Recruitment of a co-op student is simple. Throughout the process the Co-op Program Office provides personal and customized support for employers.

Not quite sure on the details for your co-op position? The Co-op Program Office is happy to work with you to ensure alignment between student capabilities and job requirements, and can assist you with crafting a job description.

Recruitment process

Post your job

We encourage community partner employers to self-post on the UBC Interdisciplinary Co-op Job board.

The Co-op Hiring Guide is available to assist you as you navigate the job board and will ensure that your opportunity is correctly posted and viewable to all eligible Co-op students.

Review applications

You can select your preference on receiving the applications, including having them grouped as a package.

Upon review, please contact coop.ok@ubc.ca if you would like assistance with scheduling interviews. When you contact us, please make sure to include:

  • Names of shortlisted candidates
  • Preferred interview dates and times
  • Length of interview
  • Interview location & Interview method (phone, zoom, in-person, etc.)
  • Interviewer name(s)

Hire a Co-op student

Once a hiring decision has been reached, we can assist with making the offer. If you’d like to be in contact with the candidate(s) directly, please send an email to the student and CC coop.ok@ubc.ca so that we can continue to lend our support.

We also encourage reaching out to the students who were shortlisted and interviewed to let them know the role has now been filled. If you are able to provide them any feedback on their application process, it would be greatly appreciated.

Have questions?

If there’s something you’re unclear on or would like to connect with a Program Coordinator, contact the Co-op Program Office.