Access talented students from a world-class university and help shape the future leaders of the BC wine industry by providing work experience to a Wine Sector Co-op student.

Why Co-op?

As an industry partner of the Wine Sector Co-op Specialization program, you will have access to a diverse talented pool of students from both UBC Okanagan and Vancouver campuses. These students have already undergone a rigorous selection process based on aptitude, interests and skills.

All students taking part in Wine Sector Co-op work experiences have completed a specialized, non-credit credentialed course, Introduction to the BC Wine Sector, delivered by the UBC Wine Research Centre. During the course, students gain an appreciation of the global wine market, the BC wine sector, the fundamentals of wine tasting, the principles of viticulture and wine fermentation, and the key challenges of the wine sector. The course will deepen student’s understanding of the world of wine from a range of perspectives through online instruction, sensory activities and an in-person technical winery visit. With their holistic understanding of the wine industry’s structure and essential job roles, Wine Sector Co-op students are well-prepared to contribute to your organization and test-drive new ideas.

Students in the Wine Sector Co-op Specialization are drawn from more than 20 UBC undergraduate degree programs in faculties across the arts, sciences, applied science, business and management.

Throughout their wine sector co-op work experience, each student is supported by a tutor with wide knowledge of the wine sector The tutor works with the student to ensure they are meeting identified goals, and to reflect on ways to put learning into practice.

Students are available to begin wine sector co-op positions in January, May or September of each year for periods of four, eight or 12 months—whichever fits your organizational needs best.

Students in the Wine Sector Co-op Specialization come from a range of disciplines, including arts, sciences, business, media studies, engineering and management. The range of disciplines students come from, coupled with the knowledge gained through the online wine course and specialized support, makes a wine sector co-op student an ideal hire in any area you are involved in.

There are many funding resources employers can take advantage of for their co-op hiring. Funding for co-op students is the responsibility of the employer. However, some federal and provincial subsidies and grants are available to hire students.  For information on funding providers and eligibility criteria, refer to the following funding guide, or connect with Wine Sector Co-op for additional support.

Eligible Wine Sector Co-op Positions

We gladly will work directly with you to help assess or identify a particular wine sector co-op position. Generally, positions qualify as UBC co-op experience, when the following criteria are met:

Supervision: The workplace supervisor will oversee the student’s work, discuss expectations and provide feedback.

Relevance to student’s academic program: The nature of the work should be aligned with the student’s academic pursuits and/or provide an opportunity to develop their professional skills and experience.

Compensation: Co-op work experiences are paid at an appropriate salary for the industry and level of responsibility.

Duration: Experiences must be a minimum of 420 hours in length (or 12 weeks at 35 hours a week).

Employment standards: Co-op students are hired as employees of your organization. All employers operating within BC must adhere to the BC Employment Standards Act. UBC Okanagan Co-op reserves the right to deny participation to any employer contravening this Act. Employers located outside BC must adhere to their regional and federal employment laws.

Work Terms and Deadlines

The UBC academic year provides the flexibility for you to hire for four, eight, or 12 months at a time. Co-op students work year-round and are available to begin work terms starting in January, May and September of each year.

You are welcome to use co-op services and supports for term positions as little or often as you like.

You can begin recruiting at any time, and are encouraged to begin early to access the largest pool of student candidates available. We recommend the following:

Post job during To hire for 
January – April May
May – August September
September – December January

Hiring Process

  1. Post your job
    Simply email your job description to UBC Wine Sector, and it will be distributed to all eligible wine sector co-op students across the UBC Okanagan and Vancouver campuses.
  2. Review applications
    Once the posting closes, we will send you the applications. You can contact any short-listed candidates you would like to interview directly, or reach out to Wine Sector Co-op for scheduling support.
  3. Hire a student 
    Once interviewing is complete, notify Wine Sector Co-op of which applicant(s) you would like to hire. We will inform the applicant(s) of your decision.


Questions? We’re here to help.

Program Handout – Wine Industry Partner Information Sheet (print version)

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